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06-19 / 2023

Aleación de aluminio con alto contenido de silicio Zuoyuan

Zuoyuan high-silicon aluminum alloy material (silicon content 27%-70%), cost-effective, high practicability, by increasing the supersaturation of Si in the aluminum matrix, the formed silicon particles reinforced aluminum matrix composite material. High-silicon aluminum alloy materials with different properties can be obtained by adjusting the volume fraction of silicon, with low thermal expansion coefficient CTE
07-29 / 2022

Alto contenido de silicio (AlSi, Si ≥ 40 %) como sustrato de espejo para ópticas metálicas criogénicas de alto rendimiento

Metal optics made of Aluminium 6061 have been widely used to fulfill the demands of an athermal instrument design. Diamond turned metal mirrors are standard optical components in mid infrared astronomical instrumentations working at cryogenic temperatures. Structures and optics can be made from the same material (aluminium) to avoid thermal stress due to different CTEs. However, surface roughness, scattering beh
12-19 / 2021

Aleación de aluminio de ultra alta resistencia-ZY7055

Tianjin Zuoyuan ultra high strength aluminum alloy offer highest mechanical properties possible in aluminium. They form the gap between conventional aluminium and titanium. ZY-7055 ALUMINUM ALLOY is a well balanced alloy combining high strength and fatigue performance with good ductility and fair corrosion behaviour. PRODUCT SHOWCASE   MACHINABILITY
The Impact of U.S. Tariff Policies on Electrolytic Aluminum Prices
05-16 / 2024

El impacto de las políticas arancelarias de EE. UU. en los precios del aluminio electrolítico

On April 17th, President Biden proposed raising tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum to 25%, citing "unfair competition," during his visit to the headquarters of the United Steelworkers Union. Following suit, Mexico's President Lopez signed a decree on April 22nd imposing temporary import tariffs ranging from 5% to 50% on 544 items including steel, aluminum, textiles, clothing, shoes, wood, plastics
CN Aluminum Industry in April 2024: Production, Inventory, and Exports
05-10 / 2024

Industria del aluminio CN en abril de 2024: producción, inventario y exportaciones

According to Baichuan statistics, in April 2024, China's alumina production reached 6.826 million tons, representing a year-on-year increase of 2.45%. The average daily production was 227,500 tons, which was an increase of 0.29 thousand tons compared to March 2024, where the daily production was 224,600 tons. China's primary aluminum production was 3.4935 million tons, showing a year-on-year increase of 5.39%
Alumina prices are expected to be supported by production cuts in the second quarter
04-24 / 2024

Se espera que los precios de la alúmina se vean respaldados por los recortes de producción en el segundo trimestre

According to foreign reports on April 22nd, market participants have indicated that against the backdrop of ongoing production cuts at smelters, the global alumina market is expected to be supported by a decrease in production in the second quarter, while the latest sanctions imposed by the United States and the United Kingdom on Russian aluminum could disrupt potential trade flows. Although the FOB price of Austr
Introduction to the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Aluminum-Silicon Alloys
04-09 / 2024

Introducción al coeficiente de expansión térmica de aleaciones de aluminio-silicio

When we talk about the coefficient of thermal expansion of aluminum-silicon alloys, we're essentially discussing the degree of volume change of the material with temperature variations. The coefficient of thermal expansion is typically described in terms of the change in volume per degree Celsius (or per Kelvin) of temperature change, indicating the material's expansion or contraction rate. Aluminum-silico
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